The 25 best games every PlayStation 4 owner should have in their library

Playstation 4 cats

The PlayStation 4 is the world’s most popular game console — by a mile.

There are many contributing factors to the PS4’s dominance, but the biggest and most important reason is the games. Not only does it play most games made available on other rival consoles (like the Xbox One), but it also has an incredible lineup of games that are literally not playable elsewhere.

Many of the games on this list are Sony- or PS4-exclusive, but all of the following games are worth owning if you’re one of the 63+ million people that owns a PlayStation 4. Check it out:

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The Witness

In “The Witness,” you’re alone on a colorful, serene island teeming with puzzles. Your job is to solve those puzzles. Some are easy, others will drive you to the brink of insanity — there’s no other game like it.

The Last Guardian

“The Last Guardian,” like “The Witness,” is also about solving puzzles, but it’s also about love and friendship, too. Most notable here is the hand-drawn art style — it looks and feels more like a living Studio Ghibli movie than a video game. It’s also a PS4 exclusive.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

You will literally never run out of things to do in “The Witcher 3.” The number of tasks, missions, and side quests is almost overwhelming — but it really speaks to the immersive level of this open-world fantasy game, which won several Game of the Year awards in 2015.

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