This week’s best VPN deals: Hotspot Shield, NordVPN, Buffered VPN

Protecting your PC from viruses, ransomware and identity theft has become a lot easier thanks to a number of new tools and utilities. However, if you are still concerned about your safety online, then using a VPN to connect to the internet will provide you with added security as well as a number of other great extras for getting the most out of your connection.

Most VPN service providers offer services globally and thus charge in US Dollars rather than in local currencies, so we've listed pricing in Dollars for the sake of simplicity. Bear in mind that when you click through to the actual deals, you may find the prices automatically displayed in pounds, or whatever your native currency may be.

Here are the best deals we found for improving the security of your PC:

1. Hotspot Shield – Lifetime license for only $139.99

This VPN has 2,000 servers across 20 locations with support for up to five simultaneous connections. Hotspot Shield also offers excellent performance and there is even a lifetime license available for users – which is what this deal is all about. Before you commit, it’s possible to try the service out for yourself thanks to the company’s 7-day free trial.

2. NordVPN – 2 years for just $79

NordVPN is a great choice for users looking for increased security. This VPN uses 2048-bit encryption to protect its customers and an automatic kill switch is also included in case the service goes down (meaning your IP address remains hidden). NordVPN has 1,015 servers across 59 locations and new customers can get a massive discount when they sign up for a 2-year plan.

3. Buffered VPN – Great performance at $99 per year

This VPN provides users with impressive speeds and low latency which results in very responsive browsing. Buffered VPN does not keep any logs on its users and up to five simultaneous devices are supported. Currently the company only offers native desktop clients but detailed setup instructions are available for those who wish to use this VPN on their mobile devices.

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