Buying a MacBook Pro from Apple’s Refurbished Mac store was the best decision I’ve made for buying a new computer (AAPL)

You’ll find Apple’s latest and greatest products on its main online and physical stores, but they sure are expensive.

What about slightly older models that you know would suit you just fine and should cost less than the new model purely because they’re older? Indeed, missing from Apple’s main stores are some of its older-yet-perfectly-good products, especially Mac computers.

macbook pros

This is where Apple’s Refurbished Mac store comes in. I feel like it’s a lesser known outlet for certain older Apple devices, and from my experience, it’s certainly worth a look if you’re in the market for a new Apple device. You can find cheaper, older models, including Mac computers, iPads, and iPhones, some of which the company doesn’t sell anymore in its main retail outlets.

Check it out: 

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You don’t always need the latest and greatest.

I knew I wanted to upgrade from my old 15-inch 2012 MacBook Pro, but I also knew I didn’t necessarily need the latest 2017 models that come with a hefty $2,400 price tag, either. From my knowledge of computer parts, I knew the processor in the 2016 model would easily serve my needs for several years, and I was looking to buy the 2016 model instead of the 2017 one for a lower price tag. But Apple doesn’t sell it online or in its physical locations.

I saved a lot of money.

I ended up buying a refurbished 15-inch 2016 MacBook Pro with the sixth-generation Intel Core i7 2.6GHz processor for $1,950. That’s $450 I saved from buying the equivalent $2,400 2017 model with a seventh-generation Core i7 processor.

If you break it down, buying the equivalent 2017 model means that I’d pay $450 for the new processor, as just about everything else about the 2017 model is identical to the 2016 model. As I mentioned above, the 2016’s sixth-generation processor is more than enough for my needs.

But isn’t is “used?”

As the word “refurbished” suggests, the devices sold in the Refurbished Mac store are used devices that Apple itself has reconditioned. If you’re like me and usually balk at the words “used” and “refurbished” because you want a FOF (fresh out of the factory) device, you may be pleasantly surprised by Apple’s refurbished devices.

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