5 best-selling Prime Day deals, according to Amazon

With Amazon Prime Day in full swing, we've had an extensive look through all sorts of deals. We're sure you don't have hours to spare though, so we've picked out the ones that truly knocked our socks off.

Sure, the decent Lightning Deals have been living up to their name and selling out almost straight away, but there are some terrific deals just sitting there, not knowing just how darn cheap they are. Seriously, these are the prices you'd be mad to miss if you're thinking you're going to find a better price anytime soon.

The best Amazon Prime deals of the day

Amazon Echo Dot – $34.99

We're huge fans of the Echo Dot, even at full-price. Usually $49.99, your brand new 2nd-generation Amazon Echo Dot is unmissable at $34.99. The puck-like smart speaker has found its way into millions of homes thanks to Alexa's intuitive voice-controlled abilities. You can ask it (her?) random questions, set timers (no more burned pizza!), turn on Philips Hue lighting, ask for songs on Spotify and so much more.

View this deal: Amazon Echo Dot $34.99

Xbox One S bundle – $239.99

Here it is folks, your premium pick for an Xbox One bundle on Amazon Prime Day. So what's in the bundle? Deep breath: an Xbox One S, extra controller, Play and charge kit, Forza 6, Halo 5 and Recore – all for just $239.99. Let's put this deal into perspective. Recently the best Xbox One bundle around has been about $240 for the console and Minecraft. So getting all these extras, not to mention three excellent games is fantastic value. 

View this deal: Xbox One S, extra controller, play and charge kit, Forza 6, Halo 5 and Recore $239.99 @ Amazon

Alternate offer: get the same bundle, plus Halo Wars 2 for $289.99

Fire HD 8 Tablet – $49.99

Amazon's All-New Fire HD 8 tablet gets a much-needed refresh and today's $20 reduction makes an already-tempting tablet, very hard to resist. If you own an Echo device, you'll enjoy this even more as Alexa has also been installed on the Fire HD 8. She'll be in everything by the Holidays. Sure the Fire 7 is even cheaper (especially today) at just $29.99, but we think the extra $20 for a larger screen in HD is worth the extra cash, especially if you're planning on watching any movies.

View this deal: All-New Fire HD 8 $49.99

Kindle – $49.99 and Kindle Paperwhite – $89.99

We struggled with which one of these excellent e-reader deals to pick, as they're both very good value for money and have had $30 knocked off the regular price. The Kindle Paperwhite is easily the superior e-reader thanks to its higher resolution and back-lit screen. But if you know you're only going to use the Kindle casually rather than most days of the week, you may as well save $40.

View this deal: Kindle $49.99
View this deal:
Kindle Paperwhite $89.99

GoPro Hero Session Adventure bundle – $149

This is possibly the best entry-level GoPro deal we've ever seen. The GoPro Hero Session is the cheapest camera in the range, but still usually costs close to $200. This Amazon deal not only knocks $50 off the price, but then goes and bundles in some useful extras for free. There's a 32GB memory card, a 'handler' stick for easier filming when on the move and a headset strap for hands-free filming.

View this deal: GoPro Hero Session Adventure bundle $149

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