Already cheap Amazon Fire HD 8 tablet is now $20 less ahead of Amazon Prime Day

It’s easy to come across a cheap tablet, but it’s difficult to come across one that is also good. The Amazon’s Fire HD 8 6th gen tablet managed to be affordable and a compelling device on a budget. 

Good news: Ahead of Amazon Prime Day 2017, the 6th gen tablet price just became even more affordable with a $20 discount on both the 16GB and 32GB models thanks to the arrival of the 7th generation tablet.

The Fire HD 8 tablet might not be the best tablet, but offers decent performance with a 1.3GHz quad-core processor capable of passable mobile gaming. Its screen isn’t the highest resolution, but Amazon apps use a special text smoothing to improve the experience. 

The device also incorporates Alexa for those hoping to get the both a fully fledged tablet and the functionality of Amazon’s virtual assistant without the hefty price of an Amazon Echo.

One choice anyone buying an Amazon device is faced with is the decision to get one “with special offers” for a discounted price, or get one “without special offers”  and pay extra. 

The “special offers” are advertisements from Amazon that appear on the device's lock screen. A surprising aspect of the deal on Amazon’s Fire HD 8 tablet is that the discount price for the tablet with and without the special offers is the same. 

The 16GB Fire HD 8 tablet is $69 and the 32GB model is $89, both $20 down from their list price lock screen advertisements. Currently only the 16GB model shows up as available without lock screen advertisements, and it’s also $69, which is $35 off its list price.

Since the Amazon Fire HD 8 2017 doesn’t offer substantial improvements the 2016 Fire HD 8 looks like an even better deal right now.

from TechRadar – All the latest technology news

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