The biggest update in Pokémon Go’s history is coming — here are the details

Pokemon GO_Raid

Pokémon Go is finally getting a long-awaited revamp of its gym system, including “Raid Battles” for defeating ultra-powerful Pokémon with other players.

The game’s creator, Niantic Labs, detailed what it calls the “biggest update” in Pokémon Go’s history on Monday ahead of its first real-world event in July, where around 20,000 players are expected to gather in downtown Chicago.

Most of the changes will be gradually made available in Pokémon Go over the next several weeks, and all gyms are shutting down in the meantime. The redesign should make gyms more accessible and fun to use — and it paves the way for rare Legendary Pokémon appearing down the road.

Here’s everything you need to know about the biggest update in Pokémon Go’s history:

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The entire way gyms work is changing. Six permanent slots can now be filled by the controlling team’s Pokémon, and only one Pokémon species is allowed per gym. (That means no more stacking of powerful creatures like Dragonite and Blissey.)

Opposing teams will battle Pokémon based on the order they were assigned to a gym, not their CP levels.

In the past, Pokémon were kicked out of gyms only after the entire gym was taken over by an opposing team. Now they can be pushed out if they lose “motivation,” a new health stat that is reduced over time and as they lose battles. Losing motivation also lowers a Pokémon’s CP, so you’ll want to feed it berries to keep its motivation up.

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