iMac 2017 release date, news and rumors

We know they’re coming. Apple recently stated publicly that it will launch new iMac computers this year. But, it’s figuring out what will be different about them inside and out that we can still have fun with.

Before and (especially) since that rare, impromptu meeting Apple held with journalists in April to discuss the future of the Mac, several details regarding the desktop Macs in question have reportedly surfaced.

Of course, we still don’t know the iMac’s 2017 release date, and likely won’t for some time. With that, here’s everything else we know about the 2017 iMac so far.

Cut to the chase

  • What is it? The new iMac desktops
  • When is it out? As early as WWDC or as late as this autumn
  • What will it cost? Likely as much as current models

iMac 2017 release date

When Apple first confirmed that new iMacs would arrive in 2017, naturally executives offered nothing as to when these new computers would release. Since that revealing meeting with select press, we’ve developed a better idea of when we’ll see the 2017 iMacs.

A DigitTimes report, citing supply chain sources, alleges that two new iMac models – 21.5- and- 27-inch, of course – will go into production this May targeting a third quarter, or Q3 2017, launch.

Further, the report states that a truly professional-grade iMac will release later this year, so Q4 2017 would be a safe guess there.

iMac 2017 price

Sadly, we’ve heard little to nothing regarding the iMac 2017 price just yet. However, it would be safe to expect them to fall in line with previous price points for iMacs.

For those keeping score, that’s $1,099 (£1,049, AU$1,699) to start for the 21.5-inch iMac and $1,799 ($1,749, AU$2,799) for the 27-inch model to start.

That said, we’ve seen Apple hike prices up a bit for the sake of flashy new features, like the new MacBook Pro Touch Bar. Since rumor has it the next iMac may come with a Touch Bar keyboard accessory, it might be wise to prepare to spend a little more on iMac this time around.

Image credit: Patently Apple

iMac 2017 specs

Unfortunately, we’ve heard nothing regarding the internals of the next iMacs for consumers like us, but lots of beans have reportedly been spilled regarding the pro-grade device. Namely, Apple is expected to put an Intel Xeon chip inside the all-in-one.

Specifically, the Pike’s Universum blog reports that the 2017 iMac will house AMD graphics, Intel Xeon E3-1285 v6 processors, and from 16GB to 64GB of ECC RAM. Furthermore, the device will offer Thunderbolt 3 through USB-C along with a 2TB SSD inside. 

These are likely just a taste of the hardware options that will be available when the pro-grade iMac launches. While we currently don’t know much of what the, say, living room-grade iMac will house inside, we’d be surprised if the offering didn’t include at least Thunderbolt 3 through USB-C and some AMD graphics options.

Finally, again, we should expect to see Apple experiment further with its Touch Bar technology, with reports claiming that the next iMac keyboard will have its very own Touch Bar. 

Bonus round: don’t expect an iMac with a touchscreen. It will never happen.

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