Download of the day: VirtualDJ

Virtual DJ

Virtual DJ is much more than a simple music player or audio editor – it puts you behind the virtual decks and lets you mix multiple tracks, matching their speed, crossfading and adding special effects. You can also scratch songs and perform all the other actions you’d expect from a real DJ deck, and it’s completely free for home use.

Why you need it

With Virtual DJ, you can mix, sample and add effects in real time without any specialist hardware. All you need is your ordinary music library, which VirtualDJ will organize in a logical way so you can easily find tracks with matching tempos for better mixing.

Standard effects like echo and flanger are accompanied by modern additions like slicer and beatgrid, which automatically detect the beat of your chosen track.

Unlike some professional DJ software, which focuses on surgical precision and creating a perfect simulacrum of vinyl mixing, Virtual DJ’s aim is to let you exercise your creative and artistic muscles to give your audience the best possible experience. It’s a practical tool, not an attempt to preserve traditional DJ-ing in aspic, and it’s so much better for it.

It’s not just live music mixing, either – you can also use VirtualDJ to create podcasts, and broadcast your own internet radio station. It can also play karaoke tracks, and even video.

Even if you don't have a house party to host or a radio station to produce, Virtual DJ is great fun to just play around and experiment with. Get it now and start mixing!

Download here: Virtual DJ

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