The 20 most popular jobs for college grads

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We already know what fields are hiring grads like crazy.

But what roles are recent grads flocking to after college?

Job site Glassdoor recently released a list of the most common job titles that college grads hold in the first five years of their professional lives. The results are all based on Glassdoor’s research from April 2017.

The median base pay for each title is based on anonymous salary reports on the site from the last two years by US-based employees with five or fewer years of work experience.

Here are the roles that grads are gravitating toward:

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20. Tutor

Tutors give private lessons to students covering various academic disciplines.

Top majors: English, Spanish, and physics

Median base pay: $36,000

19. Customer service representative

Customer service representatives provide assistance to customers and handle complaints.

Top majors: Criminal justice, sociology, and history

Median base pay: $35,000

18. Substitute teacher

Substitute teachers teach classes on a temporary basis, usually filling in for teachers on leave.

Top majors: Education, Liberal Arts, Music

Median base pay: $25,000


See the rest of the story at Business Insider


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