These 5 crazy-fast electric cars are giving supercars a run for their money

rimac concept car

Tesla has made a name for itself as an electric carmaker that doesn’t compromise on speed.

In February, the Model S with the 100 kWh battery reached 60 mph in just under 2.3 seconds (2.275507139 seconds, to be exact) while operating in Ludicrous mode. It was enough to beat a Porsche 911 Turbo S.

But Tesla isn’t the only one trying to push speed boundaries with its electric vehicles. Several startups are also looking to put their names on the map by building absurdly fast supercars. And it’s not just startups — even big names like Mercedes-Benz are showing off electric cars built for speed.

We’re talking crazy-quick, 0-60 mph times here and top speeds — the dynamic duo by which all high-performance cars are judged.

Scroll down for the 5 quickest ones we could find:

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1. Chinese startup Nio’s electric supercar, the Nio EP9, is capable of reaching a top speed of 194 mph and can accelerate to 100 kilometers-per-hour (62 mph) in just 2.7 seconds

The Nio EP9 has broken two separate speed records. Earlier this month, it set a lap record of 6 minutes and 45.9 seconds on the 13-mile Nordschleife circuit at the Nürburgring in Germany.

That time beat Nio’s previous electric car lap record on the course of 7 minutes and 5.12 seconds.

The car also holds the EV record at Circuit Paul Ricard in France, at 1 minute and 52.78 seconds.

The startup claims the Nio EP9 has an impressive range of 265 miles. The startup is doing a limited production run of its crazy-fast electric car priced at $1.48 million.

See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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