Australia wants its ISPs to defend citizens against threats

Who should be responsible for your online safety? Well, the Australian government’s Dan Tehan, who’s the Assisting Minister for Cyber Security,  has recently made comments claiming that the job of protecting your digital interactions should be up to your ISP, rather than the user or the government.

In a column in The West Australian newspaper, Tehan wrote that “we need to be able to trust telecommunications companies to protect our information from threats,” and that “the onus is on these companies to develop products to stop their customers being infected with viruses”.

Despite this stance, however, it doesn’t seem like any legal mandates have been put forward by Mr Tehan, as the CEO of the telecoms industry, John Stanton, told ITnews that he hadn’t been contacted regarding the issue whatsoever.  

Little less conversation

While there’s currently no suggestion that these comments outline a plan for legislation, they may signify the intention of the Government, given the significance that Mr Tehan’s title holds and the similar nature of comments made by Prime Minister Turnbull in recent weeks, in which he has urged telcos to do more on this issue.

Previous suggestions that Aussie ISPs should have more responsibility for their customers’ online interactions has largely been met with negative responses, particularly from those in the tech and IT industries. Mr Tehan was quick to emphasise the need for protection, however, and distanced this idea from previous “ill-advised” web filtering strategies.

Mr Tehan did not make any suggestions as to how ISPs might bear the costs of implementing this increased level of cyber security, or whether they should be passed on to the end user — something which could make internet access costs higher for Australian consumers. 

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The best Australian Amazon Kindle deals in May 2017

This is TechRadar's dedicated page for Amazon Kindle deals. Here you'll find the cheapest Kindle deals for all of Amazon's e-readers. We crosscheck every model of Kindle with every retailer every day to pull in the best deals so that this page is always up to date with the cheapest prices.

You'll find the latest prices from a wide range of retailers for the latest Kindle e-readers. We've found the best prices on the basic yet impressive regular Kindle and Kindle Paperwhite and you'll also find the best deals on the more luxurious models of the Kindle Voyage and Kindle Oasis.

What makes a good Kindle deal?

If this is your first Kindle, you'll want to know how to tell a good Kindle deal when you see one. Luckily, there are so many good ones out there it's pretty easy!

The early Kindle e-readers don't have LCD screens or powerful internal components which means they're usually a lot cheaper than tablets and phones. The lack of a glass screen is fantastic for glare-free reading though and an immediate improvement over using the Kindle app on your phone or tablet.

The Kindle Voyage normally has a price of about US$220/£170/AU$299, so if you can get it for cheaper than that, you're onto a winner. After that, there isn't a huge difference in features, so it all depends how much you want to spend. If you can find the Kindle Paperwhite for under $120/£110/AU$169, you're getting a good price. With the new Kindle Oasis model arriving recently, we may see the older models' prices drop soon.

Here are the best Kindle deals currently available…

Kindle Oasis deals

The luxury e-reader you've been waiting for?

The new Kindle Oasis is out now and costs $290/£270/AU$449 for the basic Wi-Fi version. There's no avoiding the obvious, that's a lot of money for an e-reader. However, dedicated e-reader fans will appreciate the extra lightness and improved screen lighting. The considerably cheaper Voyage and Paperwhite models are excellent alternatives though. Have a look at our Kindle Oasis verdict for more information on why this is the future of Amazon's Kindle range.

kindle paperwhite deals

Kindle Paperwhite deals

The best standard Kindle ever is a value-for-money winner

The 6th generation Kindle Paperwhite is the best standard Kindle yet, it's the most cost effective e-reader on the market and it easily beats the Kobo Aura on performance and design. Unlike the cheaper model, this one comes with screen lighting. Amazon has managed to create a fast e-ink tablet with inventive reading apps. You can lookup words in the dictionary without leaving your page, or even flick through any relevant Wikipedia entries for most words or terms. As far as value for money goes, this is the one to beat.

Amazon Kindle (2016) deals

The new 2016 Kindle (which some retailers are confusingly calling the ‘Kindle Touch 2016’, even though ‘Touch’ is now redundant, as all Kindles have touchscreens) is the updated version of the entry level Kindle last released in 2014. If you want the cheapest option, this is the one you should go for as the 2014 version has been discontinued and any deals you see are probably for preowned or refurbished units. With prices starting around £60/US$80/AU$110, you're getting a bargain. The 2016 model is also available in white (the 2014 was black only), it's lighter, thinner, has double the RAM speed and double the storage capacity at 4GB. The lack of a lit screen is the only thing holding it back really.

Kindle Voyage deals

A worthy runner up to the Oasis

The Voyage used to be the most expensive Kindle around before the Oasis arrived, but at least we’re seeing the price drop now. Amazon’s Voyage is one of the best ebook readers available. It’s more compact than other Kindles and the screen is sharper than the cheaper models. A flush display makes the device easier to keep clean and carry around, the screen’s resolution is the highest it has ever been, and it even comes with an ace origami-style case (at additional cost).

We check our Kindle deals every day to make sure they're always up to date and available!

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The best Australian Chromecast deals in May 2017

The Google Chromecast is not only one of the most useful and innovative gadgets of the last few years, it's also dazzlingly cheap. And if you're looking to pick one up for the cheapest possible price, you've come to the right place!

Chromecast is a Wi-Fi HDMI dongle that you plug directly into your TV. From there you can use your smartphone or tablet to 'throw' video at your TV over Wi-Fi – whether it be Netflix movies, live football matches from the major broadcasters or simply just a funny YouTube video. On this page we'll find you the best prices for the Chromecast Ultra, Chromecast 2 (or just Chromecast now) and Chromecast Audio and explain how they differ.

What is a good Chromecast deal?

This one's easy. The standard price for a Chromecast 2 is $54. You should never, ever pay more than that because you can always find one for that price.

cheap chromecast deals

Chromecast 2 deals

The Chromecast 2, or 'new Chromecast' as it's also known, is very similar to the now discontinued 2013 Chromecast. Sure, it looks a little different. And it's got slightly faster network performance and a few other tweaks such as coming with a dangly cable instead of as a rigid stick. But essentially the same product in a different shape.

cheap chromecast audio deals

Chromecast Audio deals

While it doesn't offer true multi-room streaming at the moment (fingers crossed that comes soon), this easy-to-use and affordable device modernises any trusty set of wired speakers you already own with wireless capabilities. In doing so, it also opens them up to features that will grow and get even better over time. Got an old set of speakers or an ancient iPod dock? Turn it into a wireless speaker with Chromecast Audio!

cheap chromecast ultra deals

Chromecast Ultra deals

The 4K Chromecast Ultra is the newest member of the Chromecast family. If you have a 4K TV or are planning on getting one, it's certainly worth picking one of these up. The Chromecast Ultra is a cheaper alternative to Amazon's Fire TV or the US-only Roku 4 for getting 4K content on your TV. Chromecast Ultra deals are usually around $88, so anything cheaper is an added bonus.

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The best Australian DualShock 4 deals in May 2017: find a cheap PS4 controller

Got a new PS4 recently? Then you'll be on the lookout for a super cheap DualShock 4 deal as you'll want to always have one charged or be ready for a bit of local multiplayer.

The PlayStation and the DualShock controller have been best buds for most of the PlayStation brand's lifespan. Sony has changed little since the introduction of the dual analog design in 1997, instead pushing the iconic controller closer to perfection with each console generation.

Over 50 million PlayStation 4 consoles have been sold so far, and most of them only came with one DualShock 4 controller. If you want to play local multiplayer games, you're going to need a second, third or even fourth pad. Having a spare to keep charged when the battery drains on another is super handy too.

Don't bother looking in store at major retailers for controller deals – seriously those prices are insane. Online is where the action's at and we've tracked down all cheap PS4 controller deals.

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The best iPad Pro deals in May 2017

The iPad Pro sits at the very top of Apple's iPad range – above the iPad mini and iPad Air series. This page lists all of the best iPad Pro deals currently available from online retailers in your area.

If you're looking for a cheap iPad, check out our iPad deals page which lists the best deals on every model of iPad. But if you're after the Pro specifically, you've come to the right place.

This is a truly stunning tablet which now comes in two sizes. The original is large and measures 12.9-inches across, while the new model is the iPad Pro 9.7. They both have the same power inside, both have screens with exactly the same pixel density.

If you're after the very best tablet on the planet at the best price possible, see the iPad Pro deals below!

iPad Pro deals

iPad Pro 12.9 deals

The original iPad Pro is a tablet titan

The original iPad Pro is without doubt the most impressive tablet on the planet. At 12.9-inches from corner to corner it's the biggest iPad ever with the most powerful internal components ever seen in a dedicated touchscreen tablet. The iPad Pro is available in multiple configurations. The standard WiFi version is available in 32GB, 128GB and 256GB models, while the 4G version comes in 128GB and 256GB versions. Prices start from $799 in the US, £729 in the UK and $1,149 in Australia but of course, as retailers compete for your money, you should never pay these prices! Here are the best iPad Pro deals currently available.

ipad pro deals

iPad Pro deals

iPad Pro 9.7 deals

The new 9.7-inch iPad Pro is effectively an iPad Air 3

Available from March 31, the iPad Pro 9.7 is Apple's new flagship 'standard' iPad. It was announced on March 21 and hits the shelves instead of an iPad Air 3. As well as having a smaller screen, the iPad Pro 9.7 is also 8mm thinner than the iPad Pro 12.9, weighs 276g less and has exactly the same Apple A9X chip inside. The camera is actually better in the 9.7-inch model, and can do 4K video recording at 30fps. The iPad Pro 9.7 is available in WiFi-only and 4G configurations of 32GB, 128GB and 256GB while prices start from $599 in the US, £499 in the UK and $849 in Australia. As always, you should be able to find a better deal than that!

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The best Australian iPad deals in May 2017

If you're looking for cheap iPad deals – you've most certainly come to the right place! The iPhone may not be the best phone these days, but the iPad is definitely still the best tablet. And because there are so many models these days, it's easier than ever to find the cheap iPad deals of your dreams.

Whether you're after a deal on an iPad Air 2 or an iPad mini from a couple of years ago, we've found the best deals so you don't have to.

Here are the best cheap iPad deals on all available models…

New iPad 9.7 deals

The brand new iPad 9.7-inch model is the successor to the iPad Air 2. It's a fraction thicker but contains an improved A9 chip with an M9 coprocessor for enhanced performance. Surprisingly, this new model is actually cheaper than the iPad Air 2, making it the choice for anyone wanting a larger pad without the high costs of the Pro model.

In Australia, pre-orders for the 32GB model start at $469, while the 128GB model is priced at $599. If you go for celluar/SIM card 32GB model it will cost $669, with the 128GB model priced at $799. Ready to order a new iPad now? Then you better get on over to the Apple AU  store while stocks last. 

More retailers to follow soon.

ipad pro 9.7 deals

iPad Pro 9.7-inch deals

The new iPad Pro 9.7 arrives instead of an iPad Air 3

If you want the very best standard iPad, this is it – the new iPad Pro 9.7. It arrived in March 2016 instead of an iPad Air 3 and packs many of the outstanding features of the iPad Pro 12.9-inch model. That's great news for anyone who wanted pro features in a smaller design.

iPad Pro deals

iPad Pro 12.9-inch deals

The biggest and best iPad ever

The iPad Pro isn’t a laptop replacement in the way power users will hope. But it is, by some distance, one of the most brilliant tablets ever released. Using its enormous 12.9-inch screen is simply gorgeous and the power inside is unrivalled in the tablet world. So to anyone that wants an iPad with more power, a better media and reading experience and more abilities than ever before, there’s no question here. Go for the iPad Pro and you’ll love it.

ipad Air 2 deals

iPad Air 2 deals

Simply the best 'normal' iPad available – and the best tablet, full stop

Apple improved on perfection with the iPad Air 2. And now that the iPad Pro 9.7 has hit the shelves, this brilliant tablet is available at an all time low price. The combination of power, better screen, improved design and upgraded OS make this a very, very compelling device – and that's before getting into the fact the app ecosystem is so much stronger than on Android. It's even better now iOS 9 is capable of scaling apps so seamlessly – the days of low-res iPhone apps are gone.

ipad deals

iPad Air deals

It's a year older but this iPad is still a fantastic tablet

It's a joy to hold the iPad Air, even though it's now the thicker option compare to the iPad above. From the clever construction to the fast processor to the improved user interface, this iPad may be a bit older but it's still excellent. Choose a cheap iPad Air deal from these options we've found:

iPad mini 4

iPad mini 4 deals

The best 7-inch tablet ever made

One of the major changes with the iPad mini 4 over last year's mini 3 is its design. It may look the same, but it's been slimmed down from 7.5mm to a wafer thin 6.1mm. It's also now more powerful, has a stunning screen and the battery is still a ten-hour beast. The A8 processor is a good step up from the A7 inside the mini 3 so if you're going to play 3D games or throw around some of the more hefty iPad apps from the App Store, this is certainly your best option.

ipad deals

iPad mini 3 deals

The best iPad mini currently available

If you want an iPad mini, this is another great option because it's almost as good as the iPad mini 4 above, but there are some great iPad deals on this to be had, too. The 7.9-inch screen is the perfect size in our opinion – you can hold it in one hand but it's still big enough to be satisfying when you watch videos or browse the web.

ipad mini 2 deals

iPad mini 2 deals

The first iPad mini with Retina display is a deal-tastic marvel

If you're looking for the best iPad deal you might well find it on this iPad right here. Deals on this iPad fluctuate regularly – you can often find it for cheaper than the iPad mini 3 but sometimes it's more expensive, depending on retailers and stock levels. If the iPad mini 3 above is cheaper, definitely get that one over this!

ipad mini deals



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Las garantías del Apple Watch son alargadas por problemas de baterías hinchadas

Como es costumbre, Apple ofrece soporte y garantía a los últimos dispositivos que la empresa lanza al mercado

Cuando un producto es descontinuado, Apple suele dejar de ofrecer garantía a éste para ofrecerla a la actualización de éste

El Apple Watch, primera generación, no es la excepción pero Apple decide alargar la garantía para este dispositivo

Por muy reconocida que sea una empresa, siempre puede haber errores mínimos en la producción de productos

Un pequeño porcentaje de usuarios del Apple Watch primera generación han sido afectados por un problema de batería

Éste pequeño grupo presenta un problema con la batería de su reloj, ya que se le hincha con el pasar del tiempo

¿La garantía aplica a los locales no autorizados?

Los servicios de reparación no autorizados no son recomendables, a menos que se use como última alternativa

El usuario podrá llevar su reloj o dispositivo a un agente no autorizado bajo su responsabilidad, teniendo en cuenta que puede perder la garantía

Apple ha decidido notificarle a los agentes de soporte autorizados la extensión de la cobertura de servicio en el Apple Watch primera generación

La garantía aplica para los usuarios que presentan el problema de la batería hinchada

¿Cuánto es el tiempo extendido para la garantía?

Después de cumplirse el primer año de garantía, Apple decidió extenderla por dos años más

Esta extensión solo aplica para aquellos usuarios que presenten problemas de hinchazón de batería en el Apple Watch

La garantía también aplica para cualquier otro problema que afecte el dispositivo por la hinchazón de batería

Si la carcasa que cubre la batería fue separada por la hinchazón de batería, la garantía se expande a dos años más

¿Qué otro factor puede ser considerado para saber si aplica la garantía?

Extensión de la pantalla es otra de las causas de una posible batería hinchable

¿Por qué el tema de la batería es importante?

Las baterías contienen material químico y delicado que debe ser cuidado

El usuario debe tomar en cuenta las medidas de seguridad antes de usar cualquier dispositivo

Algunas baterías mal fabricadas, o, con algunos defectos tienen la posibilidad de hincharse y en otros casos de explotar

Se puede tomar en cuenta el ejemplo de lo que ocurrió con el pasado Samsung Galaxy S7 que miles de usuarios reportaron explosión de baterías