Así funciona el nuevo Modo Cine de watchOS 3.2

Tras las novedades de las nuevas betas de iOS y macOS faltaba el Apple Watch por mostrarnos qué es lo que iba a traer nuevo con su próxima versión, y desde ayer ya lo conocemos. Apple lanzo watchOS 3.2 para desarrolladores en su primera Beta y ya hemos probado su novedad más destacada: el nuevo Modo Cine, o como Apple lo llama en inglés, Theater Mode, una nueva función que silenciará y apagará la pantalla de nuestro Apple Watch en aquellas situaciones en las que sea preciso, como en el cine o mientras dormimos. Os mostramos cómo funciona en el siguiente vídeo.

La configuración habitual del Apple Watch incluye la activación de la pantalla mediante el gesto de levantar el brazo y girar la muñeca, es decir, el gesto que todos hacemos para ver la hora. Pero la realidad es que en muchas ocasiones sin intención de ver la hora ni la pantalla del reloj el movimiento de nuestro brazo hace que la pantalla se ilumine, lo cual puede resultar molesto en lugares como el cine o mientras dormimos. Para ello Apple ha añadido el nuevo Modo Cine (Theater Mode) mediante el cual se inactiva la pantalla, que no se encenderá con ningún movimiento, y además activa el vibrador, quedando el Apple Watch en silencio.

Con este modo activado recibiremos notificaciones, y además las notaremos mediante vibración, pero para verlas estaremos obligados a tocar la pantalla o a pulsar la corona del Apple Watch, ya que realicemos el movimiento que realicemos no se activará la pantalla. En el cine, en el teatro, durmiendo… son muchas las situaciones del día a día en las que este nuevo modo puede ser útil, y llegará con la versión pública a todo el mundo. Además es compatible con el Modo No Molestar, por lo que por las noches ya podremos tener nuestro Apple Watch en nuestra muñeca sin que seamos molestados de ninguna forma, ni siquiera cuando la pantalla se ilumine por accidente.


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This Server, Running Flawless Since 1993, Won’t Reach The End of 2017

Short Bytes: A computer server at Double Eagle Steel Coating Co. is running without any hardware issue since the year 1993. It was built by Stratus Technologies and still has almost 80% of its original hardware after several repairs and replacements. The server may go out of service after a planned upgrade in April this […]

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Prince Charles warns that ‘the horrific lessons’ WW2 risk being forgotten

Britain's Prince Charles delivers a speech during a Business Forum at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) in Valletta, Malta, November 26, 2015.

LONDON — Prince of Wales has warned the “horrific lessons” of World War II are at risk of being forgotten.

In a speech at a World Jewish Relief dinner in Krakow, Poland, he said the humanitarian agency’s work in tackling poverty helps “support people practically, emotionally and spiritually.”

He said this is particularly important “at a time when the horrific lessons of the last war seem to be in increasing danger of being forgotten.”

Although he did not elaborate on this remark, it came just days after US President Donald Trump’s executive order temporarily barred people from seven Muslim-majority nations from entering the US.

The ban has sparked outrage and protests all over the US and the UK, and drew criticism from politicians all over the world. Leaders of populist parties in Europe applauded the ban, however.

His comments also come after the White House had to respond to criticism after it did not mention Jews in its statement commemorating Holocaust Memorial Day.

Prince Charles has previously warned about global political change. Last month, he said: “We are now seeing the rise of many populist groups across the world that are increasingly aggressive towards those who adhere to a minority faith. All of this has deeply disturbing echoes of the dark days of the 1930s.”

Prince Charles would reportedly welcome a meeting with Trump to discuss interfaith relations, sources close to him told the Guardian. He is willing to meet with the President if the state visit goes ahead later this year. Royal sources said the prince’s record as an advocate for interfaith relations and his many connections in the Islamic world might carry weight with Trump.

In his speech, the Prince of Wales emphasised the importance of reaching across faiths and communities, saying that “in reaching beyond your own community, you set an example for us all of true compassion and true friendship.”

Prince Charles, who is a patron of World Jewish Relief, added that its work is above all “about mobilising the resources of one community to help, not only those who are amongst the global Jewish community who are in desperate need, but also other people, irrespective of their faith.”

He also mentioned his own attempts to reach across different faiths and said it was his grandmother’s sheltering of a Jewish family during the World War II, which inspired his work.

He praised Lord Weidenfeld, who fled the Nazis in Austria and arrived in Britain barely speaking English. Weidenfeld later became a British citizen, and became one of the UK’s leading social and intellectual figures. 

Prince Charles said Weidenfeld “never forgot how Quakers had helped him to escape from Nazi Germany and who, even late into his life, facilitated the evacuation and re-settlement of Iraqi Christians from Mosul, fleeing the barbarism of Da’esh.” Weidenfeld had told the BBC said he felt “inadequate help” was being given to those fleeing ISIS. 

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The 3 plays in sports everybody will be talking about today

Lane Kiffin

Good morning! Here are the plays everybody will be talking about on Tuesday:

The Andrew Wiggins dunk. The Minnesota Timberwolves beat the Orlando Magic 111-104, but with about three minutes to go, it was still a two-point game. Then Wiggins took off. 


The Lane Kiffin hype video. Kiffin released a “hype” video attempting to convince Florida Atlantic fans to buy tickets to the upcoming season. Some seem to think the video is a little short on the actual “hype” (via Rev. Eric Dunn).



The Kyrie Irving dance to the hoop. The Cleveland Cavaliers lost 104-97 to the Dallas Mavericks. Despite the Cavs winning their previous two games, this was their seventh loss in their last 11 games. Irving had scored 18 points, including this nifty up-over-and-under drive to the basket.


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What Wall Street expects from Apple’s earnings call today (AAPL)

tim cook

Apple reports earnings for its first quarter of fiscal 2017 after market close today. It’s the holiday quarter, which is always Apple’s biggest.

Investors are expecting its revenues, which have declined year-on-year for the past three consecutive quarters, to rebound this quarter.

But they will also be focused on whether its services business — the App Store, Apple Music, and Applecare warranties — is becoming Apple’s second firehose of profit after hardware sales.

Here we map out analyst estimates going into Tuesday’s earnings.

  • Consensus revenue: $77.4 billion
  • Consensus EPS: $3.23
  • Consensus 12-month price target: $133

UBS is bullish on both Apple’s long-term growth and in iPhone sales for 2017.

UBS analysts believe that investors are not pricing in Apple’s long-term revenue growth.

They take the view that “Apple is preparing for the next era of personal technology — the Ambient Paradigm,” contradicting the view held by investors that the iPhone is the “end of the road.”

The analysts are also bullish on iPhone sales for fiscal year 2017 because of growth in the installed base (the number of people with an iPhone and therefore potential customers for an upgrade).

  • Revenues estimate: $76.8 billion
  • EPS: $3.20
  • 12-month price target: $127

Pacific Crest Securities: “Regardless of FQ1 results, Apple seems likely to be range-bound in the next few months as investors contemplate the next iPhone cycle and we see implications of potential policy changes under the new U.S. administration.”

Analysts at Pacific Crest Securities don’t believe that Apple’s stock price will move much before the third fiscal quarter of 2017, “when we should get more evidence around the lineup, costs and potential pricing in the next iPhone cycle.”

  • Revenue: $76.5 billion 
  • EPS: $3.19
  • 12-month price target: $127

Maxim Group: “[We] continue to believe Apple is at the precipice of a multi-year investment up-cycle.”

Maxim Group is extremely bullish on Apple in both the short, long, and medium term.

Its estimates for the first fiscal quarter’s revenues are around $5 billion more than the consensus, and its 12-month price target is more than $30 ahead of the Nasdaq consensus.

  • Revenue: $82.1 billion
  • EPS: $3.51
  • 12-month price target: $164

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